Imaging is the process of the creation of visual representations of an object's form, the transmission, and the subsequent processing of the image. The domain area is led by Patrick Denny, who has more than 25 years industry experience working in the imaging and perception space.

Ongoing Projects

Deep learning for Medical Images with limited labels

Detection of tumour from CT scans is one of the challenging problems in the medical image analysis. We aim to develop novel methods to accurately delineate tumour in limited data regime.

Applying Graph neural networks for medical image analysis

Applying GNN (Graph Neural Networks) method to learn latent features from medical image data, applying representation learning techniques for better classification and segmentation of medical images. Exploration of difference between Deep neural networks learning and Graph neural networks learning, explainablity of GNNs.

"Human in the Loop": Detecting and Mapping on the Manufacturing Floor

The objective of this project is to combine state-of-the-art sensing technologies with AI and digital twin technology to detect, map, and predict movements of humans in controlled environments such as manufacturing floors.