Project Motivation

The improvement of the quality of recyclables is a key foundation of the Circular Economy and one of the research objectives is to automate at scale, the identification, tracking, and resolution of contaminated material close to the point of collection.

Project Description

The focus of the project is to investigate the application of key-enabling technologies frequently used in smart manufacturing environments such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision to fully automate the recording and resolution of exceptions recorded on collection rounds like contamination of collected recyclable material and other service items (e.g., overloaded containers).

Status: Ongoing

Team Members

Dishant Mewada

Cathaoir Agnew

Dr. Eoin Martino Grua

Dr. Tony Scanlan

Prof. Pepijn van de Ven

Dr. Ciarán Eising

Dr. Patrick Denny



Science Foundation Ireland

AMCS Group